Moonshot Sprint Leicester

12th December 2015

13:00 until 18:00

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About Solve for X

Who we are

Who we are

We are a community of scientists, inventors, engineers, artists, thinkers, doers, the young, the wise, men and women from every background across every geography connected by a shared optimism that science and technology can cause radically positive things to happen in the world.



Solve for X is a global community that aims to surface brilliant scientific innovations and technological breakthroughs, that have the potential to solve big global problems facing humanity. We call these breakthrough projects, ‘Moonshots’, and we define a Moonshot as an outlier solution to a complex problem that is enabled by science or technology.

Think Big

Thing big

We want to tackle the big hairy challenges of the world that affect millions or billions of people.

How it works


As this movement grows we have only limited ability to engage so we need to build this community organically with appropriate diversity of experiences. So we would ask you to apply to take part in this, our first event. We need your passion, ability and creativity too. The actual problem which has a massive impact on everybody will be released just a few days before the event. We would prefer you bring your creativity on the day rather than deep research of existing solutions.

On the Day

We will use the Google Moonshot sprint process that allows everyone to contribute as individuals as a member of small teams. Each team will chose and concentrate on one aspect of the problem and attempt to solve it through the team's diverse creativity and experiences. They will pitch their idea to the mentors and get feedback. Depending on the feedback they chose to move their idea forward or to refocus on a different solution


We hope to create some effective new thoughts in the space, but whatever the result you will have participated in more exciting, more revolutionary and irreverent thinking than your day job.